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Product Overview

Imagine a future where your medication is not only tailored to your individual needs but also administered at the most effective times, minimizing side effects and maximizing therapeutic outcomes. Our groundbreaking AI mobile microdose medication app is here to turn this vision into a reality. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge machine learning technology, it unlocks the potential to revolutionize healthcare as we know it.

How It Functions:

1. Seamlessly Connect Your Smartwatch and Health Data: Our user-friendly mobile app effortlessly syncs with your smartwatch and health data, creating a comprehensive health profile.

2. Holistic Data Collection: We collect a wide range of physiological data, including vital indicators such as blood sugar, heart rate, hydration levels, sleep patterns, and activity levels.

3. Personal Information Integration: Your calendar schedule and stress levels are also taken into account, ensuring a truly personalized approach.

4. Advanced Machine Learning Analysis: Our sophisticated machine learning models, constantly evolving through active research, delve into this wealth of data to identify the optimal times for medication microdosing.

5. Timely Notifications: Stay on track with your medication regimen thanks to our app's timely and tailored medication intake notifications.

Key Benefits:

- Enhanced Medication Effectiveness: Microdosing maintains a consistent level of medication in your bloodstream, leading to a significant reduction in side effects and an overall improvement in medication efficacy. This is particularly beneficial for medications with known side effect profiles.

- Personalized Medication Scheduling: Our app factors in your unique needs and lifestyle, guaranteeing that you take your medication at precisely the right time for you. Say goodbye to generic schedules and embrace the power of personalized treatment.

Illustrative Use Cases:

First Product

1. Caffeine: Boost your energy levels, focus, and performance with precision, all while avoiding the downsides of excessive caffeine intake.

To discover more about our initial proof-of-concept product, please visit Hummingbird Fuel:  Energy all day. Sleep all Night (below)

Future Development

2. ADHD: Microdosing ADHD medication can significantly enhance your experience by addressing symptoms such as hyperactivity, impulsivity, and attention difficulties.

3. Cancer Drugs: Microdosing cancer drugs offers a promising approach to reducing tumor growth and improving patient outcomes.


Introducting the VisionOStore, which allows customers to get a real representation of products in a store. The store has an inventory list on the right and the product in the main screen. Customers can also fully interact with the product in an immersive view. In the future, they will be able to manipulate the product with just their hands. The video also shows how customers can add items to their shopping cart, delete items, and pay with Apple Pay.


Saving the World One H² E-Bike at a Time


Health and Fitness Integration

Integrate with Apple Health and Google Fit to seamlessly track and analyze cycling data, providing personalized insights into fitness progress, health metrics, and overall well-being.

Smart Route Planning

Leverage calendar integration to automatically suggest personalized bike routes tailored to upcoming events, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable cycling experience that complements the active lifestyle.

NFT Rewards for Sustainability

Introduce a unique reward system that generates NFTs for carbon offset, encouraging eco-conscious cycling and contributing to sustainability initiatives and leading to environmental responsibility.

And of course a USB charger for your cell phone 🤯

Swift Bike Shift - Android

Swift Bike Shift is an app that allows you to find a shared bike station in downtown San Francisco. You can find a station by hitting the previous/next buttons or clicking on a station on the map. Once you find a station, you can click on a point of interest and get turn-by-turn directions from Google Maps. The app is still in early alpha, but the developers are planning to add more features, such as the ability to map your calendar onto the map with the shared bike stations and make reservations for bikes.

GoSwift - iOS

GoSwift is a shared bike app that is more like going to the gym than actually getting a shared bike. When you launch the app, you give it access to your calendar and health data. This allows the app to see your events and cycling distances, steps, and heart health. You can then choose a calendar event and set a time, date, and location. The app will then show you all the shared bikes in the area. You can choose a bike and change the time of day if necessary. In the future, you will be able to pay for the bike right inside the app. 

New Medication Tracking App

The app uses natural language processing to allow users to add medications to their list, set alarms, and take photos of the medication. The app can also read the text from the photos and turn it into text. The video also shows how to use the list view of the app.

Here are some of the key features of RxDigita:


 WearOS & WatchOS 

Social, Utility & Health Apps

Smartwatches are Transforming Our Lives

Smartwatches are becoming more than just gadgets, transforming into essential lifestyle companions. Global shipments are predicted to surge, and these devices are revolutionizing communication, health management, and fitness. Imagine a future where your smartwatch acts as your personal health guardian, offering real-time insights and even predicting potential health issues. Join the smartwatch revolution and experience how technology seamlessly integrates into your life, changing the way you connect, stay healthy, and interact with the world. Don't miss out on the incredible potential and possibilities that lie ahead!


DrunkWatch is a system that uses your watch to determine if you are too intoxicated to drive. It analyzes your walking, writing(when entering a code) and bio sensors to  determine if you are safe to drive.

Tiny screen on wrist glows,

Whispers health secrets untold,

World shifts in wrist's hold.

 Intrigued by the idea of apps crafted at the speed of thought

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Dive into a world where development cycles sprint at the pace of coffee breaks and user feedback flows as freely as the latte art at Starbucks. 

Click below to discover how this revolutionary approach is redefining app creation and experience the magic for yourself! ✨

Forget slow cycles, brew lightning-fast apps! ⚡️☕️ 

SwiftUI & Jetpack Compose sculpt UIs in real-time, while CI/CD pipelines deploy updates at warp speed.

Data fuels iteration through observations & analytics, all fueled by user feedback in bustling Starbucks labs. Co-create apps as fast as you think

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Android / WearOS Apps

iOS App Store

iOS / iWatch Apps
coming soon

HummingBird Fuel: An AI-powered mobile app that analyzes health data to recommend personalized microdosing schedules, focusing initially on caffeine for optimized energy boosts.

Photodo: An intelligent to-do app that identifies tasks from photos, voice memos, or notes, sets deadlines, locates assistance, and tracks budgets, acting as a personal AI assistant.

DrunkWatch: A watchOS app leveraging smartwatch sensors to assess intoxication levels and driving suitability by analyzing walking patterns, writing style, and biosensor data.

RxDigita: A medication management app allowing users to add meds by voice or photo, set reminders, and track everything in an organized list.

AshBike: An eco-friendly e-bike service using fitness data to plan routes and reward sustainable transportation with NFTs, integrated with Apple Health and Google Fit.

Self-Driving LEGO® Car: An exploration of creating a self-driving LEGO® car using a smartphone for AI/ML and GPS navigation.

AI/ML Appliance Nutritionist: A concept for smart refrigerators and ovens to guide users towards healthier eating habits through personalized meal planning and real-time recipe suggestions.

AI/ML Security Micro-Drone: The Firefly autonomous home security micro-drone, capable of surveying a home and notifying the homeowner of significant changes.

Saving Small Businesses with AI/ML: Implementing AI/ML to generate foot traffic and enhance customer understanding for local small businesses.

AI/ML Soda Fountain: A reimagined movie theater soda fountain where users create custom drinks on a smartphone app, with AI suggesting flavors based on movie genres.

Facial Aware Personalized Advertising (FAPA): A novel approach to personalizing in-mall advertising by analyzing facial features and emotions without compromising privacy.

Jag.U.R™ Utility Robot: A concept for an AI/ML assistive/service robot designed to seamlessly integrate into daily life as a trusted companion.