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Android 🤖 / iOS 🍎 / WearOS ⌚️ / watchOS ⏱️ / AI:ML 🧠 / Blockchain ⛓️

Learn About Our Development Approach

Three Iterative Steps to Building Your Perfect Mobile App

(preferably done in one very long day)

This is our version of Design Thinking / Design Sprints but much faster and more intense inspired by Tom Chi.

  1. Setup @ Starbucks (any cafe´ or mall) and buy a stack of $5 gift cards

🔄 Cycle 🔄

  1. Code Android (Kotlin / ComposeUI / KFlow) & iOS ( Swift / SwiftUI / Structured Concurrency) with CI /CD for rapid development

  2. Give people gift card to get feedback 🗣️ for the next version of your mobile app

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"Building @ the Speed of Thought"

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