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Love God. Love People. Love Life.

Ash [Siamak Ashrafi]
Mind Founder of Companies Body Surfer of Waves & Soul Elder of Churches

Is a Researcher @ Health[Care] on Mobile [iOS5,  Android4, HTML5]
[solid] Bio[liquid]  & Soft[vapor]  ware

Is an Athlete @ Swift[sport]  on Water[H20]
 Snow[solid] , Surf- [liquid]  & Kite[vapor]  boarding
[Sponsors] [Competitions]

Is a Christian @ ALCF 

Jail- [s], Recovery- [l] & S/L- [v] ministries
[Outreach] [Helping]

[Science : BioTech]
[Sport : Surfing]
  [Art : Web]   
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<>< Jesus Christ Rules!
"once you find the Light and the Way
the journey will be long but the Path [love, faith & humility] is clear"
- Rogue Titan Warrior, created by God to serve.

Light (God), Way (Christ) & Path (Holy Spirit)

Mail :  ash [at] ylabz (dot) com