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TimeMap  - Maps Google Calendar on Google Map on Android

TimeMap explained in 32 sec

TimeMap - maps Google Calendar on Google Map on Android 

Future features
1) Multi-person calendars on map

2) Real-time | In-route coupons.   [based on event, route, and user]

Ongoing projects:

Your Phone finds you.

Your Phone Finds You

Allow a good person to return a cell phone even if the lock screen is on.

 RxDigita  - Medication Reminders and Tracking


RxDigita smart products for smartphones

Rxdigita is an android application which connects with Google Health and allows the user to set cyclic alarms on their medications.  If medications are repeatedly missed an emergency contact is notified.  The next release will include refill reminders along with expanded health information.  

Next version will track exercise, sleep and nutrition for maximum efficiency of medications. 

 I'mOK  - Automated Status Check


I'mOK Automated status check
Uses phone sensors (i.e. accelerometer, GPS, etc.) to automatically update "I'm Alive" status. 
If GPS, accelerometer, sys-log have not indicated activity for a long period of time and automated phone notification are unanswered, then a emergency contact is notified. Realtime piece of mind that your loved ones are active!

Users can set a timer during a "challenging" task.  If the timer expires the user will get a notification.  If the notification is not answered an emergency contact is contacted with all important data.

Runs on IPhone and Android Smartphones.


Games:  in HTML5.

concentration falling blocks. 

Google Health Wave - AI Healthcare Wave [On Hold]

Google Health Wave
Putting health back into healthcare

Google Health Wave

Future additions:

1)  Drug - Drug interaction checking

2)  Patient history of allergies and procedures.

3)  Suggesting possible actions  


Google Health Wave

Artificial Intelligent Doctor: 

Systematic and thorough: can check millions of variables

Not emotionally involved: will not stop after finding the first problem

System evolves: continuously improves over time

Google Health: 

Central repository: multiple health entities connect with Google Health

Accessible:  free to use with a robust API

Google Wave: 

Open: free and open source

Expandable: federated server protocol with a standards body

Secure: a hospital could install Google Wave inside their firewall and attain full compliance

Background of the Google Health Wave

We remove all personal information [Name, Address etc.] and leave just "Data". As patients, doctors, pharmacists and hospital workers update Google Health that treatment data is shared with the community so everyone benefits from the information.  The patients can compare treatment plan outcomes and explore data with various health care providers.  Anonymous patients can communicate through aliases and share experiences. We analyze and correlate data to make suggestions about which treatment plans have the highest success rates, which have the strongest side effects and which have the the least success rates.

Patients can also log nutrition and exercise data.
Patients can utilize their social networks to contribute data.
Patients can leave the service at will and all their data will be removed from the community.

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